SBF - Newsline Thursday Edition
February 16, 2017
School Bus Driver Quits After Close Call With Train

The railroad crossing arm reportedly lowers onto the bus. A student captures video of a freight train running near the bus, but no one is harmed.

Transportation South Honors Alabama School Bus Drivers

The dealership’s event recognizes top pupil transportation providers, including the 2017 Alabama Love the Bus Driver of the Year.

Mother Gets Probation for Assaulting School Bus Driver

Kiesha Shannon of Ohio pleads guilty to attacking her daughter’s bus driver and is sentenced to three years of probation. The judge says he had limited sentencing options, which is why he didn’t give her jail time.

New York Association Calls for More School Transportation Safety Funding

NYAPT asks the state Legislature to continue the funding it is currently providing; add funding for pre-K students, bus monitors, and security; and increase support for the school bus driver training program.

Study Measures Methane Impact of Natural Gas Vehicles

The research by West Virginia University scientists sheds light on the sources and amount of greenhouse-gas methane that is emitted in the natural gas supply chain.

Understanding, Managing Difficult Special-Needs Student Behavior

Building relationships through good communication and receiving ongoing training are key to a school bus driver’s success in resolving challenging behavior.

Black Back Seat Covers

SynTec Seating Solutions is offering black back seat covers for its S3B and S3C school bus seats.

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