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July 26, 2016
IC Bus Unveils Gasoline-Powered Type C School Bus

In an interview with SBF, IC Bus exec Trish Reed discusses the new gasoline option, which is expected to provide easier maintenance and quieter operation compared to a diesel.

Blue Bird Launches 4th Generation Propane School Bus

The Vision Gen 4 Propane bus incorporates changes that enhance serviceability and reliability, according to the OEM.

IC Bus to Offer Cummins L9 Engine for RE Series School Bus

The new nine-liter diesel engine option will be available for the rear-engine Type D bus in 2017.

The Growing Presence of Propane in Pupil Transportation Sponsored by PROPANE EDUCATION & RESEARCH COUNCIL

Every year school districts are seeing the benefits of trading in their diesel-powered school buses for ones that operate on propane.

PHOTOS: Highlights from the NSTA 2016 Meeting

Sessions on school bus technology, a discussion on Uber and other ride-sharing services, and even an appearance by NASCAR legend Richard Petty were among the standouts at the National School Transportation Association’s annual meeting in Greensboro, North Carolina.

School Bus eXchange Heads to Arizona in 2017

Next year’s SBX will bring school bus operators and suppliers to Scottsdale for roundtable discussions, one-on-one meetings, and other networking activities.

Servant Leadership Helps School Bus Contractor Shine

At Sunrise Transportation and other companies throughout his career, Robert Hach has focused on taking care of his people, who in turn take care of the students on their buses.

2 Students Arrested in Shooting Near School Bus Stop

The Virginia teens allegedly have guns on their person and one fires his gun after exiting the school bus. Both are facing firearm charges.

School Bus Driver Accused of Speeding Over Hump, Injuring Students

Trevor Aaron McDonald of Minnesota admits to intentionally driving too fast over a hump in the road, injuring several students on his bus. He faces several charges.

AngelTrax Unveils Compact Hybrid DVR

At just over 2 inches tall, the new HDX Hybrid features the supplier’s Hybrid Component Technology, which is designed to simplify upgrades and maintenance.

First Aid Kit

The Lawson Class A ANSI Certified First Aid Kit now comes with scissors, an update designed to meet the new ANSI standard that went into effect on June 17.

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