Police chief who passed bus resigns ... Video: Trucker runs stop arm near child
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Tuesday, November 25, 2014
Police chief who passed school bus resigns

Fayette (Iowa) Police Chief Brad Gardner received a ticket for unlawful passing of a school bus on Nov. 4, was placed on leave, and resigned weeks later. It is not clear whether the ticket sparked the resignation or if there were other circumstances.

VIDEO: Trucker runs stop arm close to child boarding bus

This video from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety shows an oncoming semi truck in St. Louis County, Minnesota, coming dangerously close to a child waiting to board the school bus. The driver was charged in the Sept. 10 incident. A 2014 survey revealed that in one day, Minnesota school bus drivers reported 402 illegal passing violations.

Drivers rescue cat from bus engine

Two Westlake (Ohio) City Schools bus drivers help save the life of a cat who suffers a broken leg and tail after getting caught in a school bus engine. The drivers are raising money to cover the medical costs for her recovery, and one driver has adopted the cat.

1 injured as school bus slides off road, rolls twice

Oregon police say that the driver lost control of the small bus, and it went off an embankment. The bus was carrying six ski team members, one of whom was injured.

Former bus driver decries working conditions, wins lawsuit

Alfredo Sobrevilla won a lawsuit against Brownsville (Texas) Independent School District for wrongful termination and was awarded $175,000. He was fired in 2012 days after filing a police report against his supervisor, in which he said he was assaulted after voicing concerns about bad working conditions.

Bright ideas to make sure drivers buckle up

It’s up to each school bus driver to wear his or her seat belt at all times while operating the bus, but we know from seeing occasional reports that there are some drivers who aren’t always buckling up. With that in mind, transportation supervisors have to reinforce the importance of driver seat belt compliance, and they have to monitor that compliance.

RFP issued for new Nat’l Congress on School Transportation site

Congress officials say that preference will be given to places that are located centrally in the U.S. and that can offer reasonable costs for delegates, among other factors.

School bus crossing light approved in 5th state

Gardian Angel, which uses a white flood light to illuminate the path for students to cross the street, gets the OK for use on school buses in North Carolina.

Chevron offers new motor oil for diesel engines

Ursa Super Plus EC SAE 10W-30 motor oil is designed to help improve fuel economy, according to Chevron.

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