SBF - Special Needs
October 3, 2016
New Jersey Launches Special-Needs Transportation Training

All school bus drivers and aides in the state have to go through the training program, which was mandated by a bill passed last year.

Student With Autism Hailed a Hero in Escape from Smoking School Bus

Ten-year-old Alex Perez of New Jersey sees smoke coming from the bus engine and yells to get the bus driver’s attention. All passengers are evacuated from the bus with no serious injuries. 

Student Who Suffers Seizures Rode School Bus Without an Aide

An IEP in 2014 for Emily Quandt of Minnesota stated that she needs a trained person to ride the bus with her to administer medication for life-threatening seizures, but she rode the bus alone last year due to a lack of district staff. An aide will ride on the bus with her this year.

California Governor Signs Child-Check Alarm Bill into Law

Gov. Jerry Brown signs SB 1072, also known as the “Paul Lee School Bus Safety Law,” which will require all school buses in the state to be equipped with child-check reminder alarm systems and for bus drivers to be trained on those systems.

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