Aide's slapping case to go to trial ... Autistic student's parents reward bus driver

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Monday, October 06, 2014
Case of bus aide accused of slapping boy with autism to go to trial

A judge denied a request for a description of injuries sustained by the alleged victim of James Lambert, a former Pasco County (Fla.) School District bus aide charged with two counts of felony child abuse for slapping a boy with autism. The judge told Lambert’s attorney the question of whether the slaps amount to felony child abuse should be decided by the jury.

VIDEO: Parents of student with autism 'Pay It Forward' to school bus driver

As part of FOX 4's "Pay It Forward" program, Ben and Tammy Stephens let Lansing (Kan.) Unified Schools District 469 bus driver "Miss Janey" know how much they appreciate her for taking good care of their son, Ben, who has autism.They present her with an award of $300.

California special-needs conference fills quickly

The state Office of School of Transportation recently announced that it will offer a two-day Transporting Children with Special Needs training conference in January. The day after the announcement, the 40-attendee maximum had been reached. However, two more editions of the event are planned for 2015.

Linda Bluth retires, but keeps busy in transportation

Special-needs transportation expert Dr. Linda Bluth has officially retired from her position at the Maryland State Department of Education, but a full schedule of speaking engagements, consulting work and other activities is keeping her plugged into the pupil transportation community.

School bus driver recounts near-miss with tree in storm

Brad Clark, a bus driver for La Mesa (Calif.) Spring Valley School District, was driving his bus through a strong rainstorm in mid-September when an 80-foot eucalyptus tree fell in the street, and his bus slammed into it. Neither he nor the five special-needs students aboard the bus were harmed.

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