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November 14, 2016
School Bus Driver in Baltimore Crash Drove After Privileges Were Suspended

Glenn Chappell was notified that he was “no longer authorized” to drive a school bus for failing to provide medical certification. The school system was not notified, he continued driving, and died in a crash that killed five others. 

Mother Gives Insights on Transporting Students With Service Animals

Kimberly Bish, whose daughter Danielle has a seizure assistance dog, discusses her training efforts with Ohio school bus drivers.

Police Chief Follows Special-Needs School Bus to Stop Illegal Passing

Steven Longoria of Texas forms a friendship with a special-needs student. He then hears from a bus driver and the student's mother that motorists are not stopping for the bus, so he starts following it on its route.

Wheelchair Securement Supplier Unveils New Floor-Integrated System

AMF-Bruns of America unveils its Hide-A-Way, with restraints fully integrated into the floor, at the NAPT trade show.

New A/C System Designed for Fast Cooling of School Buses

According to Bergstrom, testing found that the Cool Zone system cooled a bus five minutes faster than what is required by Florida and Texas state specs.

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