Report on sharing medical info updated ... Special-needs student hospitalized after falling from bus

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Monday, November 03, 2014
Updated report on sharing medical info with school transporters

Peggy Burns updates her “Sharing Student Health and Medical Information with School Transporters” report for NASDPTS.

Special-needs student hospitalized after falling from moving bus

New York student A.J. Pediford, 12, opened the emergency door on a school bus, then fell or jumped to the ground and suffered a serious head injury.

Batteries stolen from special-needs buses

Suspects stole 32 batteries from 16 Victor Elementary School District special-needs buses in Victorville, California. The theft cost the district approximately $3,500 and each battery is valued at about $110.

District awards Medicaid claiming contract to Accelify

The company’s contract with Alexandria (Va.) City Public Schools includes a system that matches transportation services to billable direct health services to produce valid transportation Medicaid claims.

2 arrested for stealing special-needs school bus

The suspects allegedly stole the bus from a lot in Crownsville, Maryland, struck a tower with it, broke the windows, crashed it in the woods, and attempted to set it on fire before abandoning it. The suspects were apparently under the influence of alcohol and were looking for change to buy cigarettes, police say.

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